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2nd CIRM Scientific Day

The 11th December 2019 took place the 2nd CIRM Scientific Day!

On this occasion, CIRM PhD students had the opportunity to present the progress of their research in a poster or an oral presentation.

Five LTPB PhD students were selected for an oral presentation covering various themes:

- "Improvement of fenofibrate aqueous solubility by using mesoporous silica impregnation under pressurized carbon dioxide" (Nathan Koch)

- "A quality by design approach for liposomes production by innovative method using supercritical fluids: which parameters use to obtain good physicochemical characteristics? (Noémie Penoy)

- "Hot melt extrusion as a solvent-free technique for the formation of a polymeric amorphous solid dispersion of atorvastatin (Olivier Jennotte)

- "Lipid-based nanovectors combined with microneedles to enhance skin penetration of genes: in vitro and in vivo studies" (Coralie Bellefroid)

- "Development of dermatological dosage forms based on essential oils for the treatment of common skin infections" (Hope Sounouvou)

Congratulations to all CIRM PhD students for their presentations and posters. More information here.


Thank you to the CIRM Organizing Committee and to the sponsors for organizing this day,

See you next year !